Letter One

Sunday Letter 1: Let's have a heart to heart

Let’s have a heart to heart

I wrote this letter a while ago and almost didn’t want to send it out because this week’s news has been weighing pretty heavy on me and I’m sure on others too. In moments like these though, it’s crucial for us to hit pause and savor little moments of joy, for the sake of our mental well-being.

But before we pivot to lighter topics, I’d like us to take a moment to honor the innocent lives lost in recent events and urge you to dig deeper into history to make informed opinions.

To help you get started, here are some valuable resources:

I am also adding a donation link at the end of the letter 💕

Now, on to brighter things – it’s my birthday month and I turn 35! Not that anyone cares but I just want a clean house, no chores, no screaming kids, and really good food on my birthday – okay who am I kidding, a bag and some jewelry would be nice too. I’ve literally been sending Hassaan links ALL of last month. No pressure.

Do you have birthday traditions? Any crazy birthday stories? Tell me, I want to know! Yes, you can actually hit reply to this email and it comes to my inbox 😁

In other news, October has finally brought some cooler days to Houston and I am here for it! I finally pulled out some of my fall favorites and I’ll share those with you in a bit. Zaki has joined boy scouts and he looks SO cute in his little uniform. Also, Eesa is growing way too fast, I just saw his pajama top is now almost a crop top. Hey, it’s a look.

Eesa and Zaki

A little update on my guest bathroom is that I’ve started tiling the walls, the new mirror arrived and I’m still waiting on the vanity and other stuff to get in. Here’s a reminder of what I’m getting! So far tiling the wall has been fine, I haven’t had to make any cuts yet and using muscle bound to stick the tile onto the wall has been straightforward too.

I’m going to try writing to you guys once a month, you know, love letter style, and then the other email will be a monthly recap of what you might have missed on the blog. Can we please hold me accountable to that? DM the crap out of me if I’m not on schedule!

Okay, I gotta run cause I hear Eesa and he’s not gonna let me hide in my office for longer.

Bye guys!

Have the most wonderful week!


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Guest bathroom floor reveal.

It started off with me wanting to add tile on the wall and a hand painted pattern but seeing the empty bathroom made me want to switch out the floor tile too – I mean if I was going to do it anyway – why not now, right? But look how good that border looks! I used white glazed penny tile and added a grey-blue pencil tile all around. Next up is tile on the wall so stay tuned!

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