Letter Five


Problem Spaces Episode 5 - The Quiet and the Cramped

Fun Updates and Exciting Plans Ahead

It’s been a while since I sent a Sunday letter out! I’ve missed chatting with you guys and updating you on behind the scenes stuff. So here’s what you’ve missed for the past few weeks:

  • I  finally finished my garage shelves!!! Watch the reveal here. Now I’m waiting on all the storage bins to arrive, so I can organize everything on the shelves.
  • Zaki, my first-born turned 8! I cannot believe how big he is. I got a magician for his birthday party and the kids really enjoyed the show. When I asked him later what his favorite part of the party was (hoping it was the magic show because it was $$) he happily said: playing outside with my friends! Smh. Lesson for next time, skip the entertainment and just let the kids run loose outdoors. 

Zaki's Birthday Party

  • Eesa got a haircut which a lot of you guys aren’t thrilled about haha. I promise his hair grows back fast! I don’t know if it’s me or he’s suddenly become naughtier with short hair. 

Eesa's Haircut

  • I’m co-hosting a girls trip to Turkey this April 22-29! It’s an all-inclusive package for $2499. Learn more about it here and to come join me on this trip! 
  • One of the most fun things about January was a weekend trip I helped plan for South Asian DIY and Home content creators! It took us way too long to make this reel.



My home office got a major upgrade!

Buckle up, because we’re going to take a quick little trip in time; back to late 2019 when I shared my $30 DIY wood desktop for my home office. It was an awesome solution for us when I published that post, especially because it cost so little compared to what a custom wood top would have run long enough for a two person office layout.


Here’s how I DIYed my hardwood stairs.

If you have every wanted to tutorial for easy DIY hardwood stairs, this is it, you guys! I’m showing you the best way to refinish your carpeted stairs. Don’t tell me you’ve never wanted to rip that old carpet and turn it into wood treads with gorgeous hardwood floors.


I designed a transitional modern dining room for my friend.

I recently designed a transitional modern dining room for my friend and client and here is how the room makeover went! The formal dining room often becomes a dumping ground for packages so if you’re looking to update your dining area and give it a modern look, I got you! I call this look transitional because while I love a modern dining room design, my heart is set on traditional decorative accents. 


A list of inspiration for my DIY garage shelving project

If you’re looking to organize your garage, here are my favorite simple DIY garage shelving ideas for smart storage! My own garage has become a dumping ground for everything from decor to power tools and at this point I can barely see the garage floor. To create more storage space I’m rounding up the best garage DIY projects so you don’t have to look further for inspiration.


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Pakistani Mutton Stew

Pakistani Mutton Stew is incomparable to any other stew in the world. Pakistani Mutton Stew is a mix of whole and powder spices wrapped around in a delicious gravy.

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