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My 2024 Resolution Projects

We’re already almost 2 weeks into 2024 guys – can you believe it? Somebody slow it dowwwn! Eesa’s talking more and more every single down – he talks like a robot that’s glitching when he tries to put together three word sentences – Zaki. Open. Door. He recently started saying “goodness” and the funniest was when he was grunting while trying to poop (sorry I’m a mom, no such thing as TMI) and immediately said GOODNESS after heaving a sigh of relief. Lol.

Eesa with mittens

Anyway, enough poop talk, let’s move onto my 2024 project list! Every year I make a list of projects that I want to do in my house throughout the year and not all of them get tackled, but it’s still a good place to start. This year my list isn’t very long because my time is also divided between other work stuff like client design projects, making product review videos, working on a product collection (sshh it’s a secret!), and obviously managing and running my blog and socials. So here we go, my 2024 home projects list:

Garage Storage and Organization

This is the project I’m currently working on which I’m hating every second of – the garage is the one space in the house that doesn’t excite me, it’s gross, it’s cluttered, and it’s just a mess. Hopefully adding some DIY shelves and some slat wall storage will make it an easier work and storage space. Targeting being done with this in the next month or so.

Kitchen Vent Hood and Upper Cabinets

I am so excited for this one! We haven’t done anything to our builder grade kitchen since we bought the house other than adding hardware. There’s nothing wrong with it but I’ve always wanted to upgrade the vent hood and add upper cabinets to it. I’ll probably also paint them a different color because not in love with how the grey looks with my burgundy banquette

Primary Walk in Closet

This one I’ve been putting off for soo long because I keep thinking I’ll do it when I do my primary bathroom but that’s a project that’ll require quite a bit of money and I don’t want to do that right now. Let’s see if I can fit this one in!

Powder Room

The very first room I did in the house after moving in when I actually hired someone to do the shiplap for me and they did a terrible job, haha. It was also my VERY first time painting a wall and I was so nervous! Not a huge fan of the look anymore and I want to change it up to something that reflects my style now. Some wall paneling, some wallpaper, maybe a new vanity?

That’s the core project list guys! I’m sure other things will pop up here and there but this is what I hope to accomplish this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Until next time!



My 2024 Resolution Project

Apparently it looks worse before it starts getting better – the garage just keeps getting worse and worse and there’s no signs of it looking better yet!!!! HELP. It’s only been two days since I officially started clearing out the garage and i already feel like pulling my hair out. It might not be the prettiest makeover but it sure as hell will be functional 💪🏽

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