Letter Two

Pennies for a Fortune-Sunday Letter Two

Empowering Women-Owned Businesses

It has been a heavy past few weeks for everyone, especially for Muslims around the world who are watching a genocide unfold in Gaza. I wish I had a better opener for this Sunday’s letter but the truth is, this is all that has been on my mind and I know it’s been weighing on all of us. What has helped me cope is taking tangible steps to do our part – making donations, calling our reps, signing petitions, educating friends and family, and of course praying.

When I haven’t been consuming news, I’ve been creating more content behind the scenes, like a holiday gift guide, something I haven’t done before and I’m so excited to share that with you soon. I’ve also lined up some small women owned businesses for you to check out and you will LOVE them. First up, I have ADORN512, a Chicago based handmade jewelry company. They make the most elegant pieces and I’ve shared them with you in the past as well. The best part is, the owner is offering 20% off your entire purchase (code: FARIHA20) with no exclusions! I’m linking my personal faves here below and these would make for a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. The prices are very affordable and the quality is immaculate!

Next, I wanted to share a Pakistani owned handmade rug company called Rugvite which is based in Austin. I love a good hand-knotted wool rug but the prices for an authentic one can be out of reach for most of us. Rugvite ethically sources handmade wool rugs and they are also available for custom orders. I got one for my kitchen and it’s so so beautiful. Definitely check them out and give their Instagram page a follow. Small shops like these always benefit from our likes and shares.

Luxury Handmade 8x10 Rug


Bathroom Wall Tile Reveal

The wall tile is done!! I started off by using musclebound to install the tile but quickly realized it was pretty difficult to use for a large area and keep everything straight. It was hard to adjust the tile once it was on, so I ended up taking EVERYthing off and called my tile guy to help. We used mastic tile adhesive which is so much easier to work with – it’s sticky enough that tiles don’t slide but you’re still able to move them around once on. Look how good it looks!! Follow along to see what’s next!

Modern European Kitchen Reveal

You guys!!!! I just finished my very first kitchen remodel for a client and it looks like a dream! If you’re into the modern European style kitchen aesthetic, you’re in for a treat! I’m going to share all the details and sources so you can get the same look – so get ready for some inspiration!

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Pakistani Chicken Ginger (Boneless)

This EASY four step Chicken Ginger by Flour & Spice has two unusual ingredients that create the most irresistible masala! Try it for yourself!
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