French Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Spring Decor

French Country Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Spring Decor

The winter months are officially in our rearview mirror. And with the spring season in full bloom, I’m not surprised that the spring home decor ideas are too!  If you’re dreaming of french countryside farmhouse inspired decor, you are not alone! French country style is so popular right now with all its natural elements, antique accents, and lots of natural light. I’ll show you my favorite ways to bring french farmhouse style into your own home.

Why focus on bringing in the french country design now? Well, it’s the perfect time because Spring is almost here! With longer days of sunshine, blooming flowers, and birds chirping, the spring feeling centers around new beginnings. Spring time pairs perfectly with pale colors, warm neutrals, ornate details and floral patterns which are so aligned with french country homes.

Spring decorations for home like new throw pillows in the living room, a thrifted vase in the dining room, are a great choice to start with. But if you’re not sure how to get that french country look, you’re in the right place. In this blog, I’ll share with you all there is to know on spring home decor as well as ideas and items I’ve found so you can easily and affordably bring them into your home. I’ll share some popular choices to liven up small spaces or large.

What Qualifies as Spring Home Decor?

I know seasonal decor can sometimes feel like an extra chore to add to your list of to-dos. But it doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. When you do it in quick, budget-friendly ways, it’s so much easier to find the fun in it! Not only that, but seasonal decor is also a great way to rejuvenate your space, bring in the energy of each season, and stay in love with your home.  For the french country décor look, while we can’t get stone walls, or go out and buy all antique furniture, there’s a lot to be done.

Think about swapping decor on or around your side tables like wicker baskets in your living space or the decorative accents on open shelving. Textures like linen fabrics, luxurious bedding sets with lots of layering will get you that french-country style. For rustic charm, add a large raw wood bowl on your kitchen island to hold fruits and veggies. So many little details to create the perfect balance for french country decorating.

If you ask me, there’s no better time to dive into seasonal decor than with spring decor! While Home Goods or Target give you the idea that spring decorations for home consist of lots of Easter decorations or one too many floral prints, know that there are other ways to incorporate the season without holiday-specific decorations.

Spring decor can be as easy as changing your color scheme, adding a faux flower arrangement or fresh cut flower arrangements, and bringing in french style with accent pieces. And for the record, it doesn’t just have to be localized to one mantelpiece or area of your home. The fun of rejuvenating your space is bringing the freshness of this season to ALL areas of your home: indoor, outdoor, and every space in between. Whether you’ve been decorating your house each season or this is your first time, it’s essential to capture the best of each season.

For example, in the fall or winter, you may have decked your home with holiday decorations and colors (think browns, blues, and warm reds); however, spring will have a completely different vibe. Spring decor with a French accent is all about bright, fresh, pastel colors that’ll achieve a more vintage look. French country interiors are so heavily seasoned with antique furnishings and neutral colors. While you don’t have to go changing up your house paint colors, you can definitely add a vintage mirror in the hallway or go thrifting for smal vintage furniture like an accent table.


How to Create a Spring Feeling in Your Home

spring candle and rustic vase

When it comes to spring decorations for home, you don’t have to go all out to give your home decor a refresh. Despite what most home stores may leave you thinking, you can create the spring feeling without drowning in it.

So if you’re new to seasonal decor or not sure where to start when bringing spring decor into your home, then take a deep breath because my spring decor idea list is packed with beautiful decorative items  for you to incorporate spring trends with ease!

Colored Extra Tall Tapered Candles

spring tablescape outdoor patio dining for spring french country style

Let’s kick off this list with something that brings the feel and smell of spring into your home! These colored extra tall tapered candles are perfect decoration candles with their beautiful spring colors. For a french twist focus on pastel or light neutral color palette.

Vintage Candlestands

vintage candlestands for spring decor

I adore the vintage look that spring decor can bring. But it can take to find the perfect vintage pieces in rustic styles that aren’t too farmhouse design like. Thankfully, I’ve found really pretty options on Amazon that give that vintage look on a budget without the time spent combing through the shelves at the thrift store.

Candlesticks are the perfect way to add some vintage flair. I recommend these tall candlesticks or these extra thrifty candlesticks that you can order on Amazon. They’re the perfect way to bring vintage accents into your spring decor with french love!

Using Spring-Inspired Coffee Table Books

One of the easiest ways to bring the spring feeling into your home is by using sping-inspired coffee table books. This provides a subtle and refined taste to your coffee table and living area.

Another bonus? Using decorative books interchangeably as the seasons change creates a new focal point for guests in your home! Easier than swapping out architectural details for sure! Maybe try adding a book on French gardens to your living space, I love going through mine!

French Linens for Spring Style

bedroom gallery wall with faux linen curtains wood beams and planked ceiling

Let’s talk about a well-designed french country bedroom. Linen is always my fabric of choice for spring, it’s light, airy and breathable and has that quintessential french style. The french are known for their rich use of fabrics from heavy velvets to delicate lace curtains. To replicate that look, try hanging these faux linen curtains that I have all over my house for a fraction of the price. Real linen can be really expensive and if you want to refresh your home on a budget, these are a great alternative. Easy, refined elegance without breaking the bank! In almost all my design projects, I incorporate some natural woven fabrics into pillows. Instead of buying a handwoven rug, it’s much more affordable to buy pillow covers that are handmade.

Add Color with Faux Stems

tulips in blue ceramic vase for spring decor

Springtime is all about blooming, so you can’t get by without some flowers! And if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. If you don’t have the time to tend to real flowers or simply want to bring extra greens into your home without the upkeep, I recommend faux flower arrangements. Expansive gardens are emblematic of French style and by making a bouquet of garden flowers will bring you that distinct style.

Faux flower stems like these Persian buttercups or these brilliant green hydrangeas are beautiful options for adding color and floral pieces to your home for a spring refresh without any yard work.

Playing With Fresh Flowers

While I’m all for a faux flower arrangement, I have to admit that nothing quite compares to fresh cut flower arrangements. You don’t have to incorporate fresh flowers throughout the house (let’s be budget-friendly and efficient here!). Even adding fresh flowers in a white pitcher as a centerpiece can become the main attraction for your spring decor!

Fresh flowers as the focal point of your home can bring in positive energy and give your entire household that fun, fresh feeling. And if you’ve never made fresh cut flower arrangements, I promise you it’s much less daunting than you thought and cheaper than buying a designer bouquet!

Pro Tip: Fresh flowers can be a centerpiece for more than just your dining table! They were a beautiful addition to my outdoor retreat

Add Natural Stone Planters

With so much floral fun, I can’t let you hop off this blog without having a beautiful place to put your new bouquets! Whether faux or fresh, what you put your flowers in is just as important as the flowers themselves. The use of natural materials is key to getting that weathered look of french country style. The rustic feel of a natural stone planter or even a stone sink in the powder room will add a great touch.

For example, use a simple, clear vase for a clean, classic feel at a dinner party. Or try colorful planters for extra pizzazz when updating your home with spring decor. Planters like this hand-painted ceramics pot or this rustic terra cotta bulb pot add to the vintage look while dressing up your flowers and channeling all that fresh spring energy.

A Trend You Can Spring Into!

Spring home decor isn’t limited to tulips and easter bunnies. There are so many fresh fun ways to bring the french country spring feeling into your home. From tapered candles to rustic planters, you can see just how easy and affordable it can be!  If you enjoyed this list of french farmhouse decor inspiration ideas, follow me on Instagram for more!

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