Easy DIY Backyard Patio Ideas on a Budget + Makeover


Easy DIY Backyard Patio Ideas on a Budget + Makeover

Alright, friends! With the winter blues officially in the rearview mirror and warmer weather in sight, it’s time to start thinking about that outdoor space. And if you think you have to travel to the ocean or schedule a vacation to make the most of this sunny season, I have some good news for you — you can create those vacation vibes right in your outdoor living space.

I’m talking all about budget-friendly backyard ideas!

The backyard space tends to get the least amount of love in our homes, but even if you have a small patio, you have the makings for your own dream backyard. With a few easy DIY projects, you can give yourself a backyard makeover that rivals even the best patio makeovers out there. If you missed when I did my garden beds, check that out here and my modern backyard makeover here! Alright, now let’s get into the list of cheap backyard ideas:


backyard family furniture

Even if you’re on a tight budget, with a creative idea or two, you can give your patio area a fresh new feel. It’ll be the perfect place for you to unwind after a long day, for spending time with your little ones and a great addition to the house.

Keep reading to discover how I recently helped my friend Brenda pull off the perfect budget-friendly makeover. After some DIY patio floor paint, stylish yet affordable backyard family furniture, and a few more tricks, we were able to completely transform her outdoor area. Read on to find out how I made it happen!

When is it Time for a Patio Makeover?

You know it’s time for a patio makeover when you don’t long to sit on your patio furniture. Okay, let’s start the story from the beginning. If you’re anything like me or my friend, the need to even look into patio makeovers might not be at the top of your home project to-dos. For most homeowners, their patio falls into one of two categories. Your patio is either a space for odds and ends that get leftover after pool days, campouts, and barbecues. Or, it’s your favorite place in the house.

Whatever the reason, it’s likely you’re not feeling comforted by the space, so you’re not using it. This is only wasting valuable space that could encourage you to spend time enjoying the outdoors with your friends and family. Brenda’s space was a dumping ground for outdoor furniture and supplies, and as a result, it didn’t really get much use.   That said, it’s always a great idea to create a beautiful space to relax in. My best way is the inexpensive way!

patio refresh before

I decided it was time to give her patio a makeover! I knew that creating an elegant outdoor area would be a great way to make her yard feel larger while increasing the amount of usable space. I was most excited about this project because I knew it could be a space where she and her kids could relax and spend quality time together.  I was thinking of uplifting the concrete patio, adding small flower beds, maybe an herb garden and a dining table to fit her family. Of course outdoor seating areas are a must to create a great spot.

patio makeover before

With a budget of $3,000 (including all furniture and supplies), I got to work. And to be honest, it was a lot of fun. You’d be surprised what a little wall paint, custom diamond painting on the floor, and furniture can do!

3 Steps To a DIY Patio Refresh

If you’re ready for a patio refresh, taking it on yourself can seem daunting. But I promise, with this easy project and shopping list at your disposal, brainstorming and executing will be much easier than you think! Heck, you may even find painting concrete a breeze.

Before we get started, remember to consider your patio’s unique circumstances, then adapt the steps below for your unique goals for your patio. Just remember to stay creative and have fun!

Step 1: Painting

The project started with painting siding. I first picked out some colors I knew would complement the space. Then I sprayed the siding with a fresh coat of paint called Undersea by Behr and painted the door with Parisian Cafe, also by Behr. Painting siding is an easy way to create a completely different look and feel with minimal expenses.  I used this paint sprayer to make the spray paint process a breeze. You really don’t need a lot of DIY skills to do this.

HOT TIP: A simple method to keep paint overspray under control is to use a cardboard piece under the siding when you get to the bottom. That way, you don’t have to tape up all of the floor.

Step 2: Main Floor Uplift

Next, I focused on a DIY-painted floor similar to the one I did for my old patio project.

Patio Makeover with Backyard Family Furniture

To begin, I pressure-washed the floor (which I highly recommend doing before painting concrete), then painted a beautiful base coat of Creamy Mushroom by Behr. After two coats, I started the custom diamond painting by drawing on the diamond pattern with a ruler and an 18” tile as a guide. This is a great solution for creating an outdoor oasis reminiscent of an English garden. You could apply the same technique to concrete pavers as well.

I then used a paint color called Sharkskin Suit to bring the pattern to life before finally adding dots at the intersection of each square using a small foam roller dipped in a color called Divine Wine.  Both colors are by Behr.

After the paint dried, I did two coats of concrete sealer (my secret weapon) to protect the paint from chipping and called it a wrap for my painting party! Here’s the best thing: on a small budget I created a beautiful focal point with basic tools that anyone can use.


Here’s a great shot of the custom diamond painting on the concrete patio! What do you think?

DIY patio floor for patio refresh painted patio floor with blue siding

Step 3: Strategize and Style!

The final step, and my absolute favorite, was strategizing and styling the patio space! As I said before, making this a space where Brenda and her kids could spend time together was essential. However, I also wanted a space where she could unwind and host friends and family.

Painting Concrete for a DIY patio floor

To do that, I divided the large patio into two zones — dining and lounge areas.

And let me say, with furniture and decor from The Home Depot, this space came alive! With the painting patio floor I didn’t even need outdoor rugs. I scattered accent colors like green and blue and used round and rectangular flower pots in various sizes around the area to add pops of color. The outdoor privacy wall gave me an opportunity to add a vertical garden, as well as potted plants. This was a great way to create a small garden where there wasn’t much room to add large flower beds. Brenda can use this as a container garden and add perennial plants. The best part is, you can use these small backyard ideas for any outdoor entertaining space.

For the patio lounge area, I got this stunning outdoor sectional which was at a great price pount. A simple way to add additional seating for guests. I used a round wicker coffee table with a glass top to anchor the lounge area. Another option could have been a backyard fire pit but I personally think with limited space, an outdoor coffee table would have gotten more use, especially with little kids. You could also create a fire pit area in the open space if you have a large backyard. Add some outdoor string lights and you have a great place to cozy up in.

Decorative Ideas for Patio

This beautiful round accent table, among other decorative pieces, were the perfect choice to hold some faux topiary. And I even found some great complementary dinnerware for outdoor use.

But my hands down favorite part of this patio makeover is the wall fountain that just needs an outlet to add a beautiful water feature to make the space feel complete. This wall plug in water fountain was so easy to install and it creates a big impact.

Last, to add texture and design to the walls, I put up these beautiful hand painted wall planters and switched out the old lights for these hanging outdoor lights. The final look was such a breathtaking refresh that I was really tempted to give my own patio another makeover! One of the accents I really love is the outdoor artwork I added. I purchased this art and sprayed it with Scotch guard to protect it against the elements. Great way to add art to our outdoor space!

Now Brenda can step into this oasis and unwind or come alive whenever she needs.  I hope you found this like of backyard patio ideas useful for creating your own dream backyard in an affordable way!

Note: All items for this makeover were purchased at The Home Depot. However, the links provided here are suggestions (and affiliate links) that are similar to what I originally purchased. 

outdoor backyard patio refresh and seating area on a budget

Looking for More Inspiration?

When you look at your current patio, it can seem like a task you have no interest in taking on. But with some inspiration and guidance, patio makeovers can be so much fun to execute and even more joy to experience.

So if you’ve found yourself using your patio as a space for odds and ends or haven’t been back there since you moved in, take this as your sign to revive that space and make it yours again. Use these tips and visit my Instagram highlights for more details on how I executed this project and how you can do the same for your own!

DIY Backyard Patio Makeover Sources

​Outdoor sectional

Outdoor coffee table

​Outdoor dining table

Outdoor lights

Outdoor Dinnerware

Outdoor glassware

Dining chairs head

folding dining chairs

accent table

wall fountain

Wall planters

Tall candles

Vertical flower bed with privacy wall

Outdoor Throw pillows


Paper Mache Bowl

Outdoor throw blanket

Similar napkins

Dining table vase similar

Outdoor solar lights

This post contains affiliate links to products that I used or recommend. If you purchase something through an affiliate link, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support!
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