Simple European Farmhouse Kitchen With Design Inspiration

I can’t pinpoint exactly when rustic charm nestled its way into our hearts and homes, but I have to say, I’m glad it did. This style creates a warm and inviting feeling that makes you want to relax and unwind. And because it’s been a favorite among home trends and designs for a while now, it’s clear this look is here to stay. So if you’re looking for a way to bring this peaceful design into your home, I have just the thing to make it happen.   

European Farmhouse Kitchen

Recently I completed a full DIY kitchen remodel for a client. Instead of focusing on home decor pieces to bring this style to life, we concentrated more on foundational areas. We focused on creating a European farmhouse kitchen design with trending, complementary design elements, such as open shelving and natural materials.  

I gave this client all the warmth that rustic charm brings while still allowing her to put her mark on it. We made it authentic. We made it cozy. We made it hers! And if you’re interested in doing the same, then read on.  

Home trends and designs come and go. We all know this. That’s why I look for trends that make sense when implementing a design or style for my clients.  

 After all, while you don’t want to feel like your home stepped out of a magazine from 30 years ago, you also want to incorporate designs or trends that don’t need to be updated every five years.  

 I look for affordable, attractive, and sustainable designs, especially in the kitchen. Things that not only look nice but can save space, reduce clutter, and really make a space feel like home. So while many emerging designs will try to grab your attention, here are a few I think you really should have your eye on.  

Toe Kick Styles 

DIY Kitchen Remodel, European Farmhouse

One of the first design elements you should consider is the toe kick style on your cabinets. There are many kinds of toe kicks to choose from, such as flush, arched valance, or standard. This small detail can really add to the overall feel of your space.  

And toe kicks are also practical. Choosing a different toe kick style than what your cabinets came with gives you more space to use your counters without having to hunch over or scuff up panels.  

Vent Hood Options 

DIY Kitchen Remodel Design Elements

Vent hoods can either be the main attraction or a complementary accent in your kitchen. They can create a dramatic effect and can be a great combination of a practical fixture that also makes a statement.  

Some kitchen vent hood ideas I’ve seen, loved, and even implemented include hoods that are flush with cabinetry, hoods that stand alone on the wall, or that are encapsulated in accent materials. Some even use a bold paint color to make them stand out from the other items in the area.  

Mixing Materials 

Mixing materials became a trend during the beginning of the pandemic. In the past few years, our homes have become our everything, and we had to find ways to do multiple things all within one area. Mixing materials in your kitchen helps you do that. 

 You can have a kitchen dominated by a quartz countertop with small areas of butcher block mixed in and it won’t be considered a faux pas. The beauty of mixing materials is that the more you do it, the more cohesive it looks! So consider what you need to make the most use of your kitchen and have fun implementing that.  

Warm Wood Tones 

Home trends and designs

This trending design might be one of my favorites for rustic charm. Why? Because at its core, rustic is all about bringing nature indoors!  

That’s why using earthy colors and warm wood tones in materials, paint colors, or accents you choose can make your home and kitchen feel like a place to escape. It’s your little piece of nature indoors.  

Wood-Stained Islands 

If you’re not looking to pull drama out of your vent hood, having a wood-stained island is another great option.  

 Wood-stained islands are a rare design to me because they pass both the traditional and modern vibe check. Plus, depending on the wood stain you choose, a farmhouse kitchen island with wood stain can dramatically change the feel of your space. Light wood can pull the eye’s attention, while darker wood can ground the space and uplift everything around it.  

Handmade Tile or Brick 

Another one of my favorite emerging trends is utilizing handmade tile or brick, mainly because the unique features of handmade tile and brick blend perfectly with the natural feel of rustic charm.  

 Handmade features won’t always flush perfectly together, but they create an authentic feel. No two designs will ever be the same. Using this design element adds an extra layer of dimension and originality that will make your space feel like one of a kind.  

Plaster Finish 

Plaster finish is an emerging trend that will stick around for years to come. It can add dimension to your space without touching anything else in your home.  

 While most plaster finishes are smooth, using a roughcast, sand-faced, pebble dash, or even scrapped finish can instantly transform your walls. The only thing I’ll mention with this is to be very intentional with your plaster finish. Many finishes are typically only used for exterior walls but can be a knockout when used strategically inside.  

Trimwork in Kitchens 

My final suggestion is a small but impactful detail: your trimwork! The trimwork of your cabinets, appliances, or even hanging artwork can make ALL the difference in the world when it comes to bringing a design to life, rustic or not.  

 So if you’re doing a remodel, pay attention to your trimwork and consider making it a different color or finish from the rest of the work. A complementary color can bring to life muted colors or tone down loud ones!  

European Designs Come to Life 

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Although you may not think it, many of these emerging trends fit well with a European farmhouse design. That’s why when I recently did the DIY kitchen remodel for my client, I used them to bring our vision to life.  

I used deep, rich, and earthy colors such as terracotta and earthy taupe to give the kitchen the warmth I was looking for. I also mixed metals, using brass and polished nickel hardware to make the little accents more impactful. With mixtures of pattern and color, we brought her kitchen to life without catering to trends that didn’t make sense.   

By allowing these elements to come together and work off of each other, I was able to marry a traditional farmhouse feel while still giving it a modern touch. As a result, it’s a space where my client can relax and feel at home.  

Follow the Trend! 

Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas

As the needs and demands of your world change, it makes sense that your home will too. But it’s important to remember that you can still make it yours. You can use emerging home trends and designs like mixing materials to balance eye-catching with functionality. Use different design elements and let your creativity and uniqueness shine in your choice of vent hoods or wood-stained islands.  

 Just like my client, you can bring in the rustic charm of a European farmhouse while still attaining the comfort of today’s modern upgrades. Just follow the trend and then make it your own.  

 To learn more about current design trends and unique European farmhouse kitchen ideas, follow me on Instagram and check out my site for more inspiration! 

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