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Pennies for a Fortune - Eid 2024


Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! Eid ul Fitr is the big celebration at the end of Ramadan for Muslims and being away from family makes it so bittersweet. This year, however, I think I had my best Eid in years. We started off with zero plans for the day but then a few of our friends showed up with their kids, and we had the loveliest time ❤️ I don’t host much but when I do it gives me so much joy – taking out special serveware from the glass cabinet, pulling out linens, setting the table. I think I get it from my mom.

Pennies for a Fortune - Henna

You should have seen the boys’ faces when they opened their Eid presents. We only do one present each (my family), and especially with the suffering in Gaza, I encouraged Zaki to give some of his Eid money for charity. I got him this ​target nerf gun game​ which he loved and Eesa has been SUPER into ​school buses​ these days so I got him a little bus. Sweet baby was so obsessed with it he refused to sleep unless it was next to him.

Pennies for a Fortune - Eid with Family

Now that Ramadan is over, I’m getting back into a better work routine. Here’s what’s on my to do list for this month:

  • Work on kitchen cabinets
  • Film content for office, media room, spring dresses
  • Put away all Ramadan decor (gahhh)
  • Pack for weekend trip to Estes Park, Colorado
  • Work on a secret project which I’m DYING to tell you all about
  • Write 2 blog posts

My Client’s Dining Room Makeover with Cost Breakdown

I know you like to zoom in on details so here are some stills from the before and after of this breakfast nook/dining area. The cost breakdown for this project is on the caption for the reel right before this post! Check it out and share it with a friend who might need some real numbers 💵


DIY Double Raised Paneling Feature Wall

Are you currently staring at a blank, boring wall in your home? Have you always wanted decorative wall paneling in your living room but never knew where to start? I’ve got the easiest wood paneling tutorial for you to bring some visual interest to your home! A DIY double raised paneling feature wall is the perfect solution for a wall surface that’s lacking character. 


Pre-Pasted Wallpaper for Beginners

Over the past few years I have installed many different wallpapers in my home from unpasted wallpaper to renter-friendly peel and stick. I’ve even tried my hand at painting a DIY faux wallpaper. If you have never worked with wallpaper before, I will show you how to install pre-pasted wallpaper and get the best results with my easy to follow step-by-step guide.

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