My June in Review: Favorite Amazon Finds and Events


Goodness, this year is flying by, and it’s going down as one to remember! With another busy but fulfilling month under my belt, I’m here to give you a summary of events on everything that’s been going on. From progress on the kitchen remodel I told you about in last month’s recap to updates on my show “Problem Spaces” and even insight into an upcoming family vacation to Colorado, there’s so much to chat about!  

But let’s start with that kitchen remodel because I have the design ready! My client wants a modern aesthetic grounded in tradition, which is totally my style. I’m excited to get started, and if you want to watch this kitchen design come to life and learn ways to bring a modern aesthetic into your home, head over to my Instagram stories and follow along! I’ve saved everything in my highlights called “Plumb Kitchen”.

Next in my summary of events is an update on my show. “Problem Spaces” is now on Max (formerly HBO Max). This means you can stream all the episodes there and catch up if you’ve missed any.  

In other news, my family and I took a trip to Colorado this month with my in-laws. Traveling without the right organizers can be a nightmare, especially when packing for yourself and your kids. So I wanted to share some of the travel essentials I use to make the process more manageable.  

First up, I can’t pack without these packing cubes – they’re a game changer. I have a set for each person in the family. They keep things organized and help you fit more into your luggage. I also love this travel toiletries organizer. It’s compact but still holds all the essentials. Trust me – use them once, and you won’t ever look back.  

Oh! And before I forget (totally not travel-related), I also wanted to share some of my Amazon favorites that are now selling OUT!  

First is the MicroStitch gun. This is my BEST new Amazon find! It’s a handheld stitching gun that makes the tiniest little stitch. You can use it to stitch together loose buttons, necklines you want to make a little smaller, or even hem light fabrics! It’s incredible. I have tons of clothes where the buttons are too far apart or keep popping open, and this is the best tool for that – no more poking yourself with a safety pin!  

Also, for the second month in a row, you loved my favorite faux linen curtains that I have throughout my house. I have them in Birch (a light, creamy color) and Oatmeal (if you’re looking for something slightly darker), so I thought I’d share those again! 

Last on my summary of events is some completely exciting mommy news. Drumroll, please…Eesa FINALLY has teeth! His two bottom ones came out together, and it’s the cutest thing. He just turned one on May 2nd, and if that wasn’t the best way to celebrate the month of June, then I don’t know what is.  


Honestly, though, these last few months have been so fulfilling, and I’m elated to keep the momentum going. But more importantly, I love sharing my new exciting adventures with you. To keep following along, tune into “Problem Spaces” on Max (formerly HBO Max) and follow me on Instagram

1. Faux Linen Room Darkening Curtains: These curtains are perfect for any occasion
while bringing balance and purpose to every room.

2. UPWADE Outlet Travel Power Strip Surge Protector: Compact for travel, this surge
protector has all the charging ports you need no matter where you are in the

3. Vintage Style Bee Sign: These lightweight, durable signs add a hint of fun to your
decoration dreams.

4. YAMIU Packing Cubes: Not to be dramatic, but these packing cubes are a lifesaver
when it comes to family travel!

5. BAGSMART Toiletry Bag: Convenient and easy to carry? Sign me up! This water-
resistant toiletry bag allows us to carry all our bathroom essentials.

6. Old Dutch Round Canister Set: This set provides countertop convenience and is
ideal for storage.

7. Floral Print Bohemian Bedding Blanket: Cute, cozy, and easy to clean!

8. Rattan Vegetable Baskets: These baskets provide the perfect accent piece for your
kitchen and can be used for added storage in any space.

9. Microstitch Needle Gun: Say goodbye to large tacks and sticky glue, this
microstitch needle gun is perfect for quick linen repairs and more!

10. Women’s Adidas Leggings: These leggings are comfortable and stretchy! I love these for my on-the-go days.

11. Takeya Stainless Steel Water Bottle: There’s just something about a convenient,
easy-to-use water bottle. During the hot summer months, this is great for keeping
any beverage cool.

12. Bedsure Cotton Blankets: Lightweight yet cozy, these throw blankets are perfect
for summertime.

This post contains affiliate links to products that I used or recommend. If you purchase something through an affiliate link, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support!
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