May’s Monthly Recap and Most Requested Links

Hey there, everybody! May has been a whirlwind of a month, and I thought creating a space to bring you all my favorite updates via a monthly recap was the perfect way to wrap it up. Between progress with my show, new on Discovery +, some gorgeous developments with my breakfast nook, and my first-ever full-scale DIY kitchen remodel, my head is spinning. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

Magnolia Network Schedule, New on Discovery +

 But first, let’s talk about my show! Problem Spaces officially launched on May 6th, and it’s all about turning problem spaces into dream rooms. It’s new on Discovery + and the Magnolia Network schedule. Two back-to-back episodes, “Bedroom Makeover” and “Home Office,” were released, and more are coming down the pipeline. Who knows, tune in, and you may even get inspired to tackle a problem space in your own home.  


In other monthly recap news, I’ve finally finished styling my breakfast nook, which you may remember from my previous blog. In my last update, I shared my sketches for the space, arranged for it to be built by my favorite trusted carpenters, and selected a beautiful high-gloss paint called Deep Reddish Brown by Farrow and Ball. I’m busy picking fabric for the bench cushion right now, so make sure you’re following me on Instagram to get updates on my final selection.  

 But that’s not the only kitchen news I’ve got. I’m also in the middle of working on my first full-scale kitchen remodel. I’ll be designing all the cabinetry and taking complete design control over the layout. I’m so excited about this, and I would love for you to follow along on my social media! Breakfast Nook

 Let’s close out this monthly recap by discussing some of my favorite products. A few weeks ago, I shared my absolute favorite Maybelline lipstick, and get this: it’s now selling out! With fun color selections like Rosey Mauve, Check Yourself, and Hustle in Heels, my guess is you’ll love it as much as I do. Don’t miss out – add it to your beauty product collection and wear it confidently! I’m sure you’ll also love some of my other Amazon favorites. They include stylish accessories for my wardrobe and other gorgeous pieces to refresh your home decor. If you treat yourself to any of these items, make sure to tell me your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you have to say. 


Amazon Favorites

Links and Info

And that’s it for my monthly recap! As I said, so much is going on right now, but I have to say I’m absolutely LOVING all the projects and opportunities I’ve had over the last month. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me on this journey. If you’ve followed along from the very beginning, please know I’m so grateful to you. And if you’re new to my neck of the woods and the mission of Pennies for a Fortune, make sure to tune into Problem Spaces on the Magnolia Network schedule and follow me on Instagram to keep up with my latest adventures! 

This post contains affiliate links to products that I used or recommend. If you purchase something through an affiliate link, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. I really appreciate your support!
  1. Hi,
    I’ve started watching your show on HGTV and absolutely love it. I can’t get over how creative your are. You are definitely unique and your show is not the sometimes boring stuff everybody does. Looking forward to many episodes and your blog. You’re like a breath of fresh air.
    Longest regards,

    1. Oh my gosh that is the sweetest comment! Thank you so much for your kind words and for enjoying the show 🩷

  2. Just discovered your new show “Problem Spaces” and I LOVE it!! Some very creative ideas, just watched S1 E08 and that nook for the kids was great and the tip for putting two consoles under a large TV … why didn’t we think of that?? LOVE the coffee table in the media room and my daughter has been looking for something like that with storage for her great room with small kids and toys… WHERE can we find it?

    I hope to see more episodes! Watching episode 9 now and going to look for the earlier ones too!

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