10 Super Thoughtful Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests for the Holidays

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So you’re hosting overnight guests for the holidays and you have the basics covered. Clean sheets: Check. Fresh towels: Check. Is that all? Ehh…we can do better than that when it comes to how to prepare a guest room for visitors or set up some nice touches for house guests, right? Say it with me: YES WE CAN! 

It’s nearly time for the holiday slowdown, and if you’re the one hosting for the holidays, you’re probably juggling all the last minute preparations that come along with it, including how to get ready for family visiting (or friends). Sure, it could be as easy as making sure your air mattress doesn’t have a giant hole in it, but your overnight guests deserve more! Something as simple as a welcome basket, ensuring you have guest bedroom essentials, and asking yourself what to put in a guest bathroom that you yourself would like to have if you were traveling is all it takes to make your house be mentally rated as 5-star rather than comparable to the nearby Motel 8. 

I’m currently in the thick of all of this as my husband’s best friend and family are coming from Philadelphia to spend time with us this holiday season. As I think about tips for hosting, I figured I’d share some guest bedroom essentials with everyone here that I’ve cooked up myself or seen others do that I thought were so cute and caring. I also threw in a downloadable freebie for a customizable guest room welcome note so keep scrolling!

Hosting Tips and Tricks for Overnight Guests 

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Idea 1: Add a power strip with multiple USB and regular outlets to both sides of the bed.

If your overnight guests are anything like me, they’ll want to know where they can plug in their phone almost immediately upon arriving. Google Maps or your airline app on your phone just sucks that battery life. Don’t make your guests struggle with finding outlets or reaching them when they do. I’ve had to move around bulky furniture so many times just to access a single outlet that already had a lamp and a TV plugged into it. 

Idea 2: Have WiFi information ready to roll and easy to find. 

Do me a favor. Stop what you’re doing right now, go find that tiny shred of paper in your kitchen cabinet with all your WiFi details on it, and either write it on a notecard properly or type it up on your laptop, print it out and put it right on the dresser or nightstand of your guest bedrooms. And if you have any security codes to your house or neighborhood, add those, too. Oh and guess what, I made my own little customizable template which you can download at the end of this page!

Idea 3: Make sure there are empty hangers in the closet. 

They may or may not use them, but depending on the comfort level of who is staying with you, they might not want to be an inconvenience by even asking you to be able to hang up their coat, dresses, suits, etc. Have the hangers at the ready for them and throw them a casual “‘let me know if you need more!” when you leave them to settle in. 

Hosting Tips and Tricks for Overnight Guests 
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Idea 4: Provide easy instructions for anything in the room that might be tricky to operate. 

Got a smart TV with four remotes? A fireplace? Even automatic blinds? If there’s anything with a remote, write up a little guide for them so they don’t have to kick themselves at midnight for not being able to turn on their favorite wind down show once you’ve already tucked away for the night. For instance, our blinds are pretty unique in how they work and need a hefty tutorial, so I always try to anticipate our guests’ needs with a how-to.

Idea 5: Leave out a lighter blanket and a heavier one. 

Some people sleep hot, some sleep cold. Like I mentioned, most of these types of needs tend to come up once everyone has gone to bed so do your people a favor and give them options so they don’t have to ask. You can either leave them out on top of the bed or even on a side chair or the dresser to make it optional, or put them neatly in the closet (with an extra pillow or two, too). 

Idea 6: Oh, and a heated blanket or heating pad, as well.

Since we’re on the subject of people’s temperature needs, if you live somewhere it gets cold, never underestimate the gesture of warmth. Especially at night. A heated blanket or heating pad in a guest room will also make you less anxious about whether the heat is on high enough for everyone’s comfort. Give yourself the gift of a worry-free mind when it comes to the thermostat by this simple act. 

Idea 7: Stash a trash can in the room. 

This is such a simple thing that’s often overlooked but can add to the comfort of your guests so they don’t have to go out of their room in the middle of the night to toss something. Tissues, contacts, snack wrappers (keep reading), cotton balls…whatever it is, people’s trash needs don’t disappear just because they’re staying in someone else’s house. 

Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests for Holidays

Idea 8: Offer basic toiletries…and melatonin.

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, extra toilet paper, maybe even face wash. We all forget something, so it’s nice as a guest to not freak about having to hit up the Walgreens after a harrowing journey so you can have fresh breath in the morning. As for melatonin, some guests have trouble sleeping in new places (me) and this is a safe bet to include in your toiletries offering. 

Idea 9: Surprise them with a snack basket for late night snacking.

It helps to know their tastes (or limitations). And when I say “basket,” no you don’t have to go out to Michael’s to buy something new, unless that brings you joy, then go for it. Even a shoebox wrapped in pretty paper or a tray laid with goodies works. Have a mix of crunchy, salty, sweet, nutritious and indulgent so your guests have a variety of snacks to choose from throughout their stay. Don’t forget to top it off for them after a few days. 

Idea 10: Supply reusable water bottles and/or water bottles.

Snacks = thirst. Tap into your favorite hotel mini bar experience and leave out bottles of water. Or, better yet, have a reusable water bottle for them to use throughout their whole stay so they feel comfortable refilling whenever they need to. 

Free Resource

Welcome your guests with a special note.

Isn’t this the cutest little welcome note for guests?! I plan on adding this to my welcome basket for house guests and you can do the same if you’re hosting for the holidays as well. Just edit the template and print out your own custom welcome note!

Alright, how ya feeling now? I know it might sound like overkill, but making friends and family and all your guests feel at home makes you feel good, too. Being a good host is as easy as a few thoughtful deeds and gestures (and giving your guests what they need so they don’t have to ask you a million questions). It’ll save you both, trust me. Good luck, and enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve never thought about adding a reusable water bottle to the list of things to add to a guest room. I always like to ask what kind of coffee and milk they like so they can wake up truly happy haha. Last time I had my sister come over with her newborn twins who are crawling now. It’s crazy to see them zoom across the carpets. But I wanted to make sure my house was ready, so I booked a carpet cleaning in Somers, NY before their arrival and I’m so glad I did! Now I have peace of mind the babies will be playing on clean carpet!

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