How to Shop for Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs can being an old world charm and character to your designs. From a variety of sizes to the perfect patterns, Revival rugs has the best inventory of vintage rugs at fair pricing.

Friends, you know how I strive to bring authenticity in my designs and in my home. Mixing colors, patterns and textures is something I do for each space. Another way to bring a collected feel to your home is by mixing old and new – and I recently had the pleasure of shopping for my first vintage rug with Revival Rugs.

The inventory of one-of-a-kind rugs all in one place was something I had not come across before. From a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, Revival Rugs has something for every design eye. Before this experience, I was always hesitant of buying vintage rugs because I did not trust all companies to source the right product and then to recondition it in a way that would not damage the rug or leave it improperly cleaned. I read more about how Revival Rugs sources each rug from all parts of the world and they focus on quality hand-woven materials that last generations. Their unique 7 step process is what makes them a company to trust.

From product selection to delivery, the process was easy to navigate and hassle-free. I was worried that I would not be able to find the right sized rug for my space (I needed an 8×10) and most places do not offer larger sized vintage rugs or if they do they are outrageously expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide varity of choices in my preferred size and they were all priced fair.

If you’re wondering why vintage rugs? Well, for this playroom design I had a vintage modern look in mind and what better way to add authenticity by including a one-of-a-kind antique rug to add to the character of the space. The raw patina and the lived in material brings its own history into the mix. As soon as I unraveled the rug I knew it was perfect for the space – the terracotta tones pair perfectly with the moody green on the wall and the delicate floral pattern brings an old world charm to the otherwise modern design.

I definitely am a fan of vintage rugs and hope that I have convinced you to take the leap as well! For 10% off your order don’t forget to use code FARIHA10 at checkout 🙂

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