Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas You’ll LOVE

Backyard Landscaping Ideas You'll Love
One of my dreams is to have a beautiful outdoor space with a stone fire pit and seating area in my backyard, with a stream weaving through and overlooking mountains. Until I can get that dream backyard, I have my current outdoor living space which has its own charm. In this post I will round up some of the best outdoor landscape design inspo, particularly focusing on some cool backyard fire pit landscaping ideas. You can get all the inspiration you need right in time for quality time with family this summer.

Why add an outdoor fire pit area?

Your backyard is more than just an outdoor space; it’s a place where memories are made, conversations are shared, and relaxation begins. Yes, even if you’re in hot, humid Houston, there are some months out of the year where we can actually enjoy the outdoors. Adding a fire pit can transform your backyard into a cozy retreat, perfect for spending quality time with family and friends. In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative landscaping ideas to enhance your outdoor living space and create the ultimate backyard oasis.

Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Stone Fire Pit as a Focal Point

Backyard Gravel Fire Pit Tutorial by Jenna Sue
Photo Credit: Jenna Sue Design

A stone fire pit can add an old world charm focal point for your outdoor area. My mind immediately goes to mountains and a beautiful surrounding landscape when I think of one. The best part is you can DIY one yourself with an easy tutorial like the one shared by Jenna Sue. Throw some adirondack chairs around the curved stone wall for comfortable seating. You now have the perfect spot to roast marshmallows and enjoy the crackling fire. Consider adding string lights above the seating area to add a magical touch to your outdoor space. Additionally you can also get pre-made brick fire pits if DIY isn’t your thing.

Portable Fire Pits for Versatility

Portable Fire Pit for Backyard

If you want the flexibility to move your fire pit around the backyard, portable fire pits are a great option to go with. These modern fire pits come in a wide range of styles and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect fire pit for your backyard design. Whether you prefer a wood-burning fire pit or gas fire pits, there’s a portable option that’s perfect for your outdoor area. I like this idea especially for a small backyard space when you need the area to be multi-functional. You could put it away in the hot summer and pull it out for cooler weather.

Outdoor Living Space with a Fire Feature

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas
Photo Credit: Edward Gohlich

One of the dreamiest backyard fire pit designs, in my opinion, is one with an outdoor fireplace. A concrete fireplace surrounded by a flower garden would make an excellent choice for a classic French or English cottage vibe. Add some cozy outdoor lounge seating around the fire feature and an outdoor kitchen to throw the best summer parties. You could use different materials like stone or even a gorgeous stucco finish like shown in this picture to create the perfect gathering place. Okay now who’s inviting me over for an outdoor summer soiree?

DIY Fire Pit Ideas 

B Vintage Style - DIY Fire Pit Tutorial
Photo Credit: B Vintage Style

If you’re looking for a simple DIY project to enhance your backyard, consider building your own fire pit. The options are endless, from a modern rectangular concrete fire pit or even an in-ground fire pit.  A sunken fire pit is a unique design feature that can add visual interest to your backyard. With the right materials and a little creativity, you can create a custom fire pit that reflects your personal style.

Outdoor Season Extension with a Fire Pit Table

Gas Fire Pit Table Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon

A fire pit table is a great way to extend the outdoor season and enjoy your backyard year-round. Tabletop fire pits come in a variety of styles, from traditional round fire pits to modern fire pits with geometric shapes. A fire pit table adds that cozy ambience on both sunny days and cool evenings in your backyard.

Incorporating Water Features 

Affordable Outdoor Water Fountain
Photo Credit: Amazon

Incorporating a water feature into your backyard design can create the perfect meditation spot in your outdoor space. You could add a small fountain or pond near your fire pit area to create a peaceful atmosphere. The sound of flowing water is such a calming element, it would make a great reading spot too. When I did a DIY patio makeover for my friend, I got this affordable wall fountain to set the vibe. It’s super easy to install and you just need to plug it into an outlet to get the fountain going. Her young family loves this charming feature in their patio. It’s a primarily aesthetic component but that’s an important thing when creating your dream backyard.

Creating a Lounge Area for Relaxation

Pennies for a Fortune - Fire Pit Lounge Area

A lounge area with weatherproof chaise lounges is a great addition to any backyard. Surround your fire pit with comfortable seating and add some throw pillows for a cozy and inviting look. This will create the perfect spot for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors. Even if it’s only a few months out of the year for us in Texas, we still make use of it with our wicker outdoor sofa and concrete pavers dining area. We have had our modern metal fire pit for a few years now and we love the aesthetic it provides and of course, the roaring fire.

Adding Visual Interest with Lava Rocks

Lava Rocks Backyard Fire Pit
Photo Credit: Style Bee

Lava rocks are a popular choice for fire pits as they add visual interest and texture to your outdoor space. These natural rocks come in various sizes and colors, allowing you to create a custom look for your fire pit. Pair them with a stainless steel or cast iron fire pit for a modern look that complements your backyard design. The type of fire pit you choose has a big impact on the design of your outdoor space. A rustic stone or brick fire pit with built-in seating around it brings a traditional look. While steel fire pits or metal ones add a contemporary vibe.

Adding pea gravel or concrete pavers

Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas you'll LOVE

The area you choose to put your fire pit in shouldn’t be ignored! In our backyard we initially added 12×12 concrete pavers with pea gravel in between. The entire fire pit area is 10’x10′ for reference. Although we loved the look of the pavers, our landscaper had not done a good job of leveling the area out and as a result the lounge chairs and our fire pit would not sit straight. Eventually, we had it replaced by a fully concrete floor which added so much more utility. It felt safer with kids as well and our fire bowl no longer rocked on it. I love the look of pavers but only if they’re done right!

I hope you’ve got a ton of backyard fire pit landscaping ideas now so you can transform your own outdoor space. Whether you want the ultimate party house or a serene oasis, adding a fire pit is a common yard staple for a dream oasis. There’s a fire pit design that’s perfect for your backyard and it’s out there waiting for you! So why wait? Start planning your backyard fire pit landscaping project today and create the outdoor area of your dreams!

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