Get in the Holiday Spirit With Vintage Thanksgiving Decorations 


Cozy Holiday Decor

This time of the year is always hectic, but I always look forward to Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to sit around the table with family and friends and be grateful for everything we have.   

If you’re like me, you’re probably eager to get into the holiday spirit. And while we may have a few weeks to go before Thanksgiving, there’s something you can do now to start getting in the mood: decorating!  

I’ve begun to fill my home with some beautiful vintage Thanksgiving decorations—they lift my spirits and bring in the cozy fall aesthetic. I mean, look at this! Doesn’t it just make you want to run right out for a pumpkin latte?  

Cozy Fall Aesthetic Table Setting
Image credit: Alyssa Ponticello

From holiday tablescapes to accent pieces, you’ll love these easy, fun, and beautiful vintage touches that you can add to your home decor.  

Cozy Holiday Tablescapes 

Because the dining table is where most of the excitement happens, let’s start with holiday tablescapes! If you were to Google “holiday centerpieces DIY,” you’d get a lot of beautiful options. But easy and fun? Probably not. That’s why I want to share some holiday tablescapes with you that will take your breath away AND be a blast to bring together.  


When it comes to Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas DIY style, this thrifted centerpiece is one of my favorites— primarily because it only takes 5 minutes to create! Using a scarf, table runner, and stock paper for nameplates (all things I had on hand), I can make a gorgeous display that radiates a cozy fall aesthetic 

Thrifted Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Image Credit: Bless’er House


Up next in the line-up is this gorgeous vintage DIY natural fall rustic table. Although these may look like artistic Thanksgiving designs that took hours to curate, this one also keeps it simple. The trick? Letting the food run the show. 

Cozy Fall Aesthetic Table Setting
Image Credit: Alyssa Ponticello

Shop the Look Here

When creating this design, a few things you’ll want to keep in mind include:   

  • Picking and sticking to a color scheme 
  • Using small items to add more appeal 
  • Layering up to make the table look full 
  • Opting for more natural elements 
  • Using candles to set the mood 
  • Mixing metals by swapping out serving dishes

Since I’ve done this myself, I can tell you it sounds like more work than it actually is! This one is totally do-able; you just need to think outside the box with how the items will complement one another. At its core, it’s a creative project that allows you to pour the love of the season onto your table.  

Vintage Chic 

Are you looking to keep things simple by making big statements? Then, this vintage chic table might be up your alley. This Thanksgiving tablescape is perfect to use indoors or out. 

Using a beautiful but simple runner, dress the table with oversized whitewashed candle holders, faux pumpkins (large and small), and some foliage (real or faux). For the final touches, mix metals in the cutlery, cups, and plates for a real wow factor.  

Thanksgiving Candle Holders
Image Credit: Bless’er House

Modern Romance Vintage Thanksgiving Decorations

Before we dive into this last one, I have to say two things. One, I’m absolutely biased because this was a tablescape from my baby shower (I’m still swooning over it). Two, this one may be more costly as it was intended for a party, so most materials weren’t thrifted. That said, look at this gorgeous modern-romance spin on the thrifted Thanksgiving table from above!    

Modern romance vintage thanksgiving decor

I rented a long table and had candles running through the middle to serve as centerpieces. Then, playing off the rustic and thrifted themes, I added some foliage and silk flowers to bring in layers and more warmth of the fall season.  

Natural wood tones from the table and chairs added to the vintage vibe. But honestly, the gold-rimmed plates and the soft green napkins gave me the modern romanticism I was looking for and brought this all the way home for me! 

Again, I’m biased, but wasn’t this gorgeous? As you set out to set up your table, you must come back and let me know which one you choose for your Thanksgiving inspiration!

Create a Cozy Fall Aesthetic for the Whole House

Decorating a holiday tablescape isn’t the only way to indulge in the cozy fall aesthetic! Here are some other vintage Thanksgiving decorations you can put up around the house to start feeling the holiday spirit.  

Back Porch 

Fall weather brings a welcome break from the summer heat. But if you’re stuck in the house because it’s too cold, don’t fret! Make your back porch warm and cozy with gorgeous trimmed and knitted pillows and blankets. Trust me, and check it out. You’ll be impressed by what some string lights, faux pumpkins, and beautiful copper-hued side tables can do! 

Living Room 

What says cozy more than sitting by a warm fire as you enjoy sweater weather? Not much, and I’m speaking from experience! Since my family and I got this 74” Dimplex Ignite XL fireplace, the toasty vibes have been nonstop.  

Living Room Thanksgiving Decor

Not only does it warm the space, but the flames also light up the room in a special holiday kind of way. If you want to step into the holiday spirit and you already have a fireplace, take this as the nudge to use it this season! 

Get Comfortable This Holiday Season! 

We still have some time until Thanksgiving, but it’s not too early to start getting creative. Whether you try out any holiday tablescapes or vintage Thanksgiving decorations, you’ll feel the holiday cheer the second you set your sights on the final product! And nothing beats that.  

Cozy Holiday Decor

Are you looking for more DIY décor ideas to spruce up your home this holiday season? Follow me on Instagram for more inspiration and see how you can create a masterpiece of your own. 

Thanksgiving Table Setting Inspiration

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