How to Update your Space with ZERO dollars

Here are some great ideas on how to update your home without spending any money! Get creative with this fun challenge!

Hi friends! I’m back after a long hiatus, wooo! Today I wanted to talk about a fun instagram challenge I’m doing with a diverse group of ladies who are all in this together! My friend Sandy from ElleeHome initiated the idea and asked all of us to participate in the challenge this February. I would love to have you all follow along and join us if you’d like for a chance to be featured! If you missed my recent room updates you can see my office refresh here and my laundry room here.

So the idea behind the #ZeroDollarUpdateYourSpace challenge is to use what we already have, and spend as close to $0 to update a space in our homes. It could be a whole room, or something small like a closet. I love the idea of being mindful of the money we spend, the objects we bring into our homes, and of course leaving as little carbon footprint as possible while still trying to create a home we love. Is this going to be easy? Nope, I really doubt it – but that’s what forces us to get creative and figure out how to make a space pretty without spending money!

Laundry Room Decor
Instead of buying faux branches, I just slipped some from my yard and popped them in this vase for instant decor!
Home Office
This art ledge I made for my home office cost me less than $10! That’s pretty close to nothing right? Here’s the tutorial

Here are some ideas for how to update your space with ZERO dollars:

  1. Use what you already have: maybe it’s paint cans sitting in the garage, or scrap pieces of wood from a past project. In fact, I might be mixing a few paint cans to create enough paint to use on my mudroom bench!
  2. Repurpose Decor: do you have decor pieces hiding in the attic that you haven’t pulled out in years? Maybe you’ll feel differently about them now? Give them a coat of spray paint if you have a can lying around and you have a new piece to use! Move around items from other parts of your house and give them a new home and a new look!
  3. Scavenger hunt: Go on a a scavenger hunt in your backyard or neighborhood for twigs, branches, interesting leaves (you can frame them in an existing frame!) Use found objects as decor. Sometimes you can even find good furniture that people just toss out! drive around your block to see if you can score something.
  4. Visit a Thrift store: Instead of buying brand new, go visit a local goodwill or a thrift store to find cute goods for close to nothing! Even better: ask friends for donations if they’re planning on tossing something out!
  5. Sell stuff: Here’s a loophole in the challenge – you can sell something you don’t need to buy something you do! Make sure you really need what you’re purchasing and make it worth the $$
  6. DIY Art: you can always make your own art by printing a free online printable or making a simple line drawing (botanicals are really cute!) and you don’t need to be artsy to do that. There are tons of tutorials out there on the internet and I’m sure you have some pens and printer paper at home to create your own custom art piece 🙂

So are you all in this with me?! I’m going to be updating my mud area bench which is a small space but I want to make it look pretty and intentional. Keep following my stories on IG to see what all I’ll be doing WITHOUT spending money to update my space!

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