How to Make a DIY Lamp

Guys, today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY lamp out of a vase! I made my own lamp a few months ago because I couldn’t find exactly what I needed for the price that I wanted it at. So I did what I always do – I decided to make my own table lamp!

If you’re new here and love easy DIY projects, you should definitely check out this DIY antique stool, or this beginners toolkit essentials guide.

I mean, haven’t you ever seen a vase that would make the most perfect lamp? or a planter that would look super cute with an accordian shade? Well, I’m telling you that it’s possible to turn almost anything into a lamp! I saw this DIY lamp done by Danielle from OurNestonPowell and if you’re not following her on Instagram go do it now!

Let’s dive into this tutorial:

diy vase lamp diy custom lamp tutorial



  1. Mark the spot on your vase where your cord will come out from. I marked mine on the back of the lamp towards the bottom. Use the concrete drill bit to make a hole at that mark
  2. Next, take your saucer and place it on the opening of the vase. If it does not have a hole, make one with your concrete drill bit. Do not glue it down yet!
  3. Open the lamp kit and fish the cord through the hole in your saucer and out through the hole in the lamp
  4. . Follow the instructions on the lamp kit to wire the lamp. The kit I linked here was fairly simple to follow along and I highly recommend this video tutorial on the wiring process (watch from 2:17)
  5. Once your wiring is done, attach the lamp harp (it’s included in the kit), and super glue the saucer to the vase and paint it to match the color of the vase.
  6. Now put your lampshade on and enjoy your new lamp!
diy lamp custom vase lamp

It takes some hunting to find the perfect lampshade but it’s so worth it in the end to have your own high-end looking custom lamp! For my video tutorial of this project check out the instagram highlights here. Here are some vases that would make for great DIY lamps:

diy vase lamp diy lamp
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  1. I love this vase lamp tutorial! I have the very same vase and I am going to make a lamp for myself. I love the vase, but it just sits empty and now I know exactly what I want to do with it. Thank you!

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